Miss Samoa


Name: Antonina Keka Lilomaiava

Age: 19

Occupation: American Samoa Visitors Bureau

Talofa and Greetings!

I would like to acknowledge and give the greatest and highest honor to our Heavenly Father for hie presence in my life. My name is Antonina Keka Lilomaiava and I am 19 years of age. I am the proud daughter f Mr. Leaupepe Talitiga and Koreta Nee Vito Lilomaiava. I am a member of the Catholic Church of Maria Fatima in Aua. Since being bestowed the title of Miss American Samoa,

I am currently employed by the American Samoa Visitors Bureau. I am also a part-time student at the American Samoa Community College pursuing a double major in Liberal Arts and Accounting.

My Hobbies are reading and socializing with families and friends. With every opportunity upon completion of college, my goals are to serve my people as a token of appreciation and to give back to the community in hopes of setting a foundation for our younger generation to lead in doing greater things for a better tomorrow.