Miss Samoa


Name: Enerstina Pokuia Bonsu-Maro

Age: 22

Occupation: Frontline Associate

Hobbies: Listening to cook island music & dancing cook island dancing, Arts & Craft, Fashion Design & Studying reading materials

Ke Ola,Kia Orana and Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ,My name is Enerstina Pokuia Bonsu-Maro. My name originates form the Cook Islands and Ghana. It is with destiny and a huge honor form our good lord to be part of the 2017 Miss Pacific Islands Pageant representing the Cook Islands. Also to be amongst our Pacific sister nations. My mother is from the island of Pukapuka in the Cook Islands and my father is from Ghana west Africa.

I am one of three siblings, brought up and raised by loving and hard working mother in Mangere, South Auckland New Zealand. South Auckland is a beautiful place filled with culture, life and loving community. I am also blessed to be a part of the Pukapukan Te Ulu O Te Watu community where I learn, interact and share my culture as well as serving for our generation and youth today to lead and revive for the youth of tomorrow.

Throughout my education in New Zealand at Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate, Mangreve College and Unitec Auckland, I have always been intrigued to challenge myself in terms of being the best version of myself through Sport, Culture, Art, Dance and Journalism. The community has also played a huge part in that success, leading by example starting as Prefect Student Leader In High School and also honored to represent Auckland for Netball and then off to the Cook Islands National Team. I enjoy and love inspiring our youth to chase their goals in the passion they love. I do this this by showing them that I am currently one of the leaders for our Te Ulu O Te Watu dance group to grasp our Pakupakuan youth in reviving our culture and sharing that to the world.

I also write for the Pacific Arts Auckland and local magazine in South Auckland 275 times. Which allows me to help, share and shape the true stories of our Pacific people in noting the great things we do. Not only for our communities to know but our external communities outside of the pacific group to also read and understand how we contribute to our society. We as young people (MAPU) have so much power, so much life, so much voice credibility today to help change, inspire and lead for the good of many generations to come. That won’t happen until we step up, embrace and realize the duties and purpose we have been placed on this earth by our God to do. It is with this vision, hard work, heart and love that we put in will determine our contribution to the success of our contribution to the success of our young people like myself and many more out there.

Not only in the Cook Island community but amongst our Pacific nations to help cultivate the visions, aspirations and talent of all its people. We are all the same in our Pacific hearts. My joy and blessing of my Bachelor Degree that I have achieved and I glorify the lord for the achievements and acknowledge the endless hardwork, sweat, tears love and support of my Mother. As a strong single pacific woman who migrated to New Zealand for a better life who served so hard and fought the battles given to her my love goes deep because I would not be where I am today without your support and love I thank you whole heartily.

Toku Ingoa ko Ernestina Bonsu Maro, and my vision and purpose in life and now in the present is to inspire ,embrace and help plant the seed for our youth to become the greatest version of him or herself and to pass that on to the next generation to revive and live it. KO TE TIKA KE WANO KI MUA - THE VISION IS TO MOVE FORWARD ATAWAI WOLO.

Kia Manuia