Miss Samoa


Name: Anne Christine Dunn

Age: 24

Occupation: Student

I am part of a family of four (4), my mom Filimaina Kunaika, my dad, Charlie Dunn, and my older brother, Amos Dunn.

I was blessed to be born in Fiji but I was raised in the United States of America. All my adolescent years were in America and after graduating high school; I moved back to Fiji in 2011 for family reasons and ended up attending the University of the South Pacific to study law. I then graduated earlier this year with my bachelor degree in law and currently wait to further my studies in order to practice as a lawyer next year.

I enjoy trying new things but currently have a hobby of reading (inspirational, religious, fictional novels) & dancing (contemporary & hip hop). I also love clearing my head by taking a jog or doing some type of outdoor activity such as playing basketball & volleyball.

Career wise, my goals stand as a short term goal of being a public prosecutor in Fiji, and a long term goal of being a human rights lawyer for the South Pacific region.