Miss Samoa


Name: Camilla Grossmith

Age: 23

Occupation: Student

I am a 23 year old student from Solomon Islands. I come from the Western part of the Solomon Islands.

I am currently studying at the USP (University of the South Pacific) center in Solomon Islands. I have completed my foundation science program and have seen doing compulsory university degree courses.

I am planning to do medicine at University as I am eager to become a doctor. Apart from school I enjoy singing, reading and cooking, I also hanging out with friends and just relaxing as part of my leisure time.

I come from a pretty large family, I am the second child in the family, and I have two sisters and three brothers.

My main goals in life include me being able to achieve my dreams and being able to make a difference for my country, my community and my people, that's one reason why I want to be a doctor because I believe I can help make a difference in people's lives.

I am also very passionate in advocating for women's rights, gender equality and domestic violence.