Miss Samoa


Name: Laura Melaia Rene Lauti

Age: 21

Occupation: Ambassador for Bay Area Successful Thinkers Network, Certified B.A.N.K Sales trainer

Laura Lauti is 21 years old, currently residing in Oakland, California.

Laura serves as an ambassador for the Successful Thinkers network compiled of Entrepreneurs in the community. She also works as a certified sales trainer with Bank Code, a worldwide training system designed to improve communications in the workplace.

In the spirit of philanthropy, inherited by her late mother, Just this year, Laura developed “Oku Mahu’iga ‘ae ‘Ofa (loosely translated,”Love Conquers All”) a non-profit foundation in her mothers’ honor. The purpose of the foundation is to provide youth in Tonga with resources and support to succeed both entrepreneurially and academically. In addition to her work for the youth, Laura also has a strong desire to bring cancer awareness to the Tongan community. She has worked with a Bay Area non-profit agency to raise cancer awareness amongst Tongan women.

After visiting Tonga in the summer, Laura has been occupied in her efforts to promote Tourism for her homeland. Travelling worldwide representing the kingdom in an effort to increase familiarity with Tonga as a travel and vacation destination.

In her spare time, Laura continues to train in the performing arts. She is passionate about using music and dance as a form of expression. She volunteers with local Bay Area youth groups lending her talents and creativity. Her favourite form of dance is the tau’olunga which she has performed since she was a small child.

Laura will commence her studies in pursuit of a BA in communications in the fall of 2017.