Hello olgeta and Warm Pacific Greetings,

It has come to that time of the year again where we are all anticipating the crowning of Miss Pacific Islands 2016. As we welcome another ambassador for our beautiful region, I take my leave as Miss Pacific Islands 2015.

This time last year I embarked on a journey eager to represent my homeland to the best of my ability and in return was humbled by the opportunity to be an ambassador for the region.

The title of Miss Pacific Islands didn’t come with a manual, the thought alone of representing a nation of a thousand tribes was quite daunting and then I got the whole region. I remember asking myself how do we unite under the Pacific Region?How do we represent what we haven’t seen or experienced? As I did some soul searching and research I realized that we are not that different you and I.

We all have values that govern our lives, these values stem from our way of life, our culture – ourroots, and they grow to build character.

My roots taught me to honor God, to respect my elders and that integrity weighed more than deceit;my roots taught me that family is the foundation of love we are born into, the type of love that shares in the sorrow and joy, the type of love not limited to bloodline;my roots taught me that the values embedded in our lives from a child keep us grounded through the storms of life and the vast oceans we cross.

I learnt that our identity is our character, our character is built on values and values stem from our culture.

As a child, many of my values were an integration of culture and Faith in God, something we all have in common. I didn’t have to visit the entire region to be fit to represent, instead I returned to the values we share as a region and with every opportunity given I made sure that the Pacific woman was heard, the Pacific woman showed intellect, the Pacific woman embodied strength, the Pacific woman showed resilience to changes and most importantly the Pacific woman loves her God.

My motto in life is “to leave the place better than what it was before”, I know there were many things I could have done but did not due to various reasons but I believe that with every opportunity I was given I made a difference in someone’s life – for that I am content.

Time is the currency of life, are we merely existing or are we living?

I am confident that the next Miss Pacific Islands will rise and grow with this opportunity, as she honors her culture and draws into our Father in Heaven, her God ordained purpose will keep unfolding and a year from now she will be a different woman crowning another island sister.

Thank you to all those who have supported me through this journey, I am merely a culmination of many influences. Miss Pacific Islands Board, Miss Pacific Islands PNG Pageant Committee, the Pacific Region, my family, friends, my exotic Papua New Guinea and above all our Father in Heaven whose purpose I am fulfilling.

Thank you and God Bless you all.

Abigail Havora

Miss Pacific Islands